10 Apps Quickly Drain Smartphones Battery

10 apps quickly drain smartphones battery. There is a need to keep various apps on the smartphone. But it is often seen that the charge of the smartphone erodes quickly. Users are embarrassed. Some apps are responsible for speeding up the charge of the smartphone. The list also includes 10 popular apps currently in use. Apps consume the most mobile battery and slow down the mobile.

10 Apps Quickly Drain Smartphones Battery

As you can see, most popular apps inevitably have access to location or camera. That is why the battery runs out of charge quickly.

Bigo Live
Bigo Live is an app for live video streaming or live streaming. Where users can stream videos directly with their followers. This is also on the list of charge loss of smartphones.

This popular app for ride-sharing is also one of the reasons for depleting the battery of the phone. This is to keep the location on.

One of the reasons why the popular messaging app owned by Facebook runs out of battery in smartphones.

It is also another platform of Facebook where you can share various stories including photo sharing. Instagram is in the list after WhatsApp.

10 Apps Quickly Drain Smartphones Battery

Likee is a medium for creating and sharing popular short videos worldwide. This app also has various features in the video, so even using thousands of stickers, music, magic effects, it also quickly consumes the phone charge.

Zoom became very popular at this time of the epidemic. Its use continues to increase for various reasons including video calls, online meetings, teleconferencing. You can use this app to join up to 100 video conferences at once.

YouTube, nowadays the video streaming platform of US technology giant Google. This also drains the battery faster because of the video playing in this app.

Facebook, one of the most widely used and popular social media applications in the world, has also taken a place in the list of battery consumption of smartphones.

10 Apps Quickly Drain Smartphones Battery

LinkedIn is a social networking application for professionals under Microsoft. This social media app also wastes batteries in smartphones.

A global online dating app, through which new people meet new people. This popular dating app is also one of the reasons why the battery of the phone runs out quickly.


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