Bangla Car Launch Worldwide 2024

Bangla Car Launch

Bangla Car Launch Worldwide 2022

The first car of domestic brand ‘Bangla Car’ is coming in the market with all modern facilities. This 7-seater car has been marketed by Bangla Cars Group Limited, an affiliate of Hossain Group of Industries, priced at just Rs 30 lakh. Made in Bangladesh cars will be seen on the road for the first time. The car is being manufactured from a factory located in the Panchabati area of ​​Narayanganj. Twelve types of cars will be marketed from the Panchabati factory in Narayanganj for making Bengali cars. These will include private cars, buses, trucks, lorry trucks, pickups worth mentioning. The vision of the manufacturing company Hossain Group is to go beyond the country’s market to the world market. And if that is true, Bangladesh will also be added to the global map of cars. Many people know already, Bangla Car Launch Worldwide 2022.

If all goes well, the group will start exporting domestic brand ‘Bangla Car’ next year. Initially, 30 cars are on trial, 10 cars have been sold. Zakir Hossain, managing director of Hossain Group of Industries, said the same benefits that a customer gets in a Mercedes-BMW car at a cost of crores of rupees will be the same in a Bengali car for only Tk 30 lakh or 35000 $. At present, the market price of SUVs is 70 lakh to 1.5 crores. However, the price of this SUV attached to the country is 30 lakh bdt or almost $35000.

One of its special features is that the car will carry the name Made in Bangladesh like the garment sector. Japan, China, Indonesia, and India will lead the country in car production. In the first phase, there are showrooms of Bengali cars in 8 divisions of the country. Besides, the company will open 30 more showrooms in phases.

Bangla Car Launch Worldwide 2022
Bangla Car Model

Bangla Car Launch Worldwide 2022

A showroom of Bangla cars has already been opened in Tejgaon of the capital. Where 6 color cars of domestic own brand have been arranged for sale. However, although the car sales activities have started, the official journey has not started yet. Although the inauguration was supposed to take place, it did not happen due to the Kovid situation. However, the official inauguration will be held soon.

The Hossain Group is working with Japan, China, Indonesia, and India to build its own brand of Bengali cars. Isuzu engine, the car made in Japanese body will have ‘Made in Bangladesh’ written on it.

Bangla Car Launch Worldwide 2022

The MD of the group said, “We will be manufacturing cars with local brands and local designs.” The cars are being built with Ishuju Japanese engines, China Body, and Indonesian chassis. These cars are different from other cars. Photon or Mitsubishi can make one or two models of cars but Bangla Cars can make all models. From 1500 to 2500 cc, the group will make whatever the buyer needs. Although the car is of 8 colors, the company will make the car of the color as per the demand of the buyer.

The Bangladeshi company will soon export this car with its own name. Toyota is a Japanese company, Havel is a Chinese company but Bangla Car is a Bangladeshi company. Like Tata, the Bangladeshi company will also export cars abroad to meet the country’s demand. The company is now in the trial position of the car, when more cars come in June-July, the whole world will see ‘Made in Bangladesh Bangla cars.’

Bangla Car Launch Worldwide 2022

Pickup and truck will land in June this year. After that 12 types of vehicles including lorries and buses will get off. Sophisticated electric cars will also be launched next year. The company’s vehicles will get an A-to-Z facility from Bangladesh. The group says it will market four to five thousand cars a year. Each Bangla car will have a warranty of 5 years or 1 lakh kilometers.

Bangla Car Launch Worldwide 2022
Bangla Car intelligent suv


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