Best 5 Online Earning Apps

Best 5 Online Earning Apps. What do we usually do online? Apart from just hunting tigers on Facebook and cycling in space on YouTube, much more can be done online. The object that stays between our five fingers for the longest time now is the mobile phone. Using this mobile phone, you can earn money by sitting at home through cash-back and rewards through various apps.

Best 5 Online Earning Apps

Check out the best apps to earn at home

1. Google Pay:
Google Pay is one of the most popular money transaction apps. This popular app can be used by Android and iOS customers. There is an opportunity to get the reward if you transact money in the UPI system. That
You can earn income from rewards.

2. Amazon Pay:
Rewards will be given even if you make a transaction using Amazon Pay just like GooglePay. For this, you need to link your bank account and transact in the UPI system. Income from rewards will be added to your bank account. The more transactions you make, the more rewards you will get. Income will be more

3. Meesho App:
It is one of the most popular re-selling apps. This app is ideal for those who want to do other business besides their own work. By selling products here you will get a commission, your income on that commission. You can earn up to Rs 25,000 per month by sharing product photos on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Best 5 Online Earning Apps

4. Picxele:
Picxele is a beautiful app for students. A lot can be done through these apps. You can earn from this by doing various types of work including various part-time internships, influencer marketing. You can earn as much time as you work.

5. Foap:
The world’s largest ad companies, brands, and marketing agencies buy photos from here. Create an account here and register and upload your photos there. If your pictures get good ratings, they will have a chance to go viral. Here you can get 5 to 100 dollars from a single picture.

Of course, you need to have a PayPal account to get this payment.

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