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Free internet offer 2021. More than two million users are using the Bangladeshi browser Rits Browser. Rits Browser, built using the Google Chrome engine, with all the benefits of Google Chrome. Since 2017, this browser has been coming with an internet browsing service as well as a point-earning facility, with which the user can top-up his mobile for free.

Free internet offer 2021

They have introduced membership options to give more benefits to the users in its continuity. They are currently offering 3 memberships called Basic, Prime, and Prime-X. Users can use Rits Browser by subscribing to any of the 3 memberships. Basically, these membership packages are arranged with more, more points and more, more top-up options. In addition, this browser is ensuring the data protection of Prime-X members. Click on this link to know more about membership: https://ritsbrowser.com/membership/

How to earn user points using the Rits browser?

Users can earn points by watching videos on YouTube, watching live TV, using Facebook, reading news, browsing the internet, or playing games. They have also published a calculator of how many points you will get if you do. This calculator will tell you how many points you can get. Click on this link for details: https://shop.ritsbrowser.com/earning_calculator/

Free internet offer 2021

They are also offering a 50% discount on annual membership subscriptions. For those who use 2-3 hours of mobile internet every day, this is a great opportunity to top-up a free mobile. Basic members can top-up for 200 Tk per month, Prime members for 1,000 Tk per month, and Prime-X members for up to 2,000 Tk per month for free using browser only.

To download the latest version of Rits Browser, visit this link on Google Play Store:



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