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How to edit pictures on WhatsApp 2023

How to edit pictures on WhatsApp 2022

The life of the present generation seems to be useless without WhatsApp. The importance of WhatsApp in emergency work is increasing day by day. WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, is bringing a variety of new features. This year has been a special year for WhatsApp users. This meta-owned company has launched many great features this year. The company is working on many more features. Now you can edit Photos on your WhatsApp account. See, how to edit pictures on WhatsApp 2022


Blur feature can now be added to WhatsApp. Multiple features are also being offered in this app. Usually, nothing is reported directly from the company until a new feature is introduced. However, according to Wabatinfo, WhatsApp users will soon be able to use the photo editing feature. You can do some basic editing before sending a photo to another user. Find out more …

How to edit pictures on WhatsApp 2022

Editing features that will be added include the Blur tool. Currently, this tool is only available for iOS users but later it will be available for Android users as well. The company has launched a specially updated beta version for Android users, according to information from Wabatinfo. This version is In addition to the blur tool, a pencil tool has also been added.


According to the latest beta update, Android users will have the opportunity to use a pencil tool. A screenshot of this feature has been shared. It has been observed that the pencil tool has been given multiple thicknesses.


It will also be possible to update any picture on WhatsApp through the blur feature. After uploading an image, you have to blur the specific part with the blur feature.

How to edit pictures on WhatsApp 2022

The screenshot of the new feature that has been released reveals that the editing tools will be at the very bottom. However, WhatsApp has not announced anything about this new editing feature.


WhatsApp has already launched several features. It has an audio note play option in the background. With this feature, it will be possible to listen to any audio note message in the background. At present, it is possible to send pictures from WhatsApp but it is not possible to edit pictures. With the help of the new feature, you can also edit the image while sending it on WhatsApp.


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