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How to hide unnecessary chats on WhatsApp

Hide Chats on WhatsApp

How to hide unnecessary chats on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has recently come up with a very important feature called Archived Chat. This feature allows you to keep all unnecessary chats out of sight. Once a chat has been sent to the archived folder for so long, when a new message arrives in that chat, it will come out of the archived folder and rise to the top. But once a new feature is inserted into a chat archive folder, it will no longer come out. This feature can be used to keep all unnecessary chats out of sight.

How to hide unnecessary chats on WhatsApp

However, if you want, you can enable the option to return to the chat list if you receive a message in the archived chat. Suppose your neighbor sends you regular good morning and good night messages. But this unnecessary chat you want to keep out of sight. In that case, you send this chat to the archived folder. After that, if a neighbor sends you a message, it will not rise to the top of your chat list. Will always be in the archive folder.

How to hide unnecessary chats on WhatsApp

How to send a chat to an archived folder? Take a look: 

Step 1  Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step 2  Now tap and hold the chat you want to send to the archived folder.

Step 3  Now you will see an archive icon in the top bar.

Step 4  Select the archive icon from the top bar.

Step 5  You can archive all the chats together if you want. For this, you have to open the settings by selecting the option.

Step 6  Now select Chat and open Chat History. Next, you select Archive All.

If you archive a chat, it will not be deleted. That chat is in a specific folder that can be retrieved later.


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