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How to increase wifi router speed

How to increase wifi router speed

How to increase wifi router speed. With the advancement of technology, the internet is now within reach. Whether it is in the office or at home, the internet is very important now.

How to increase wifi router speed

Not only that, the internet has now become essential in every field of human work including education, medical services, business. So the demand for WiFi router installation is increasing day by day. But most people suffer from WiFi speeds later. Work is disrupted due to low internet speed even in many emergencies. However, this problem can be solved. If the WiFi speed is less than required, following some guidelines will greatly reduce the suffering of the speed. If you keep the following things in mind, you can easily increase the Wi-Fi speed a lot.

1. Place the router in the middle of the house:

The wrong decision is to place the router in a corner of the room next to the window to keep the number of wires low while making the connection. Keep the router in the middle of the house to get the best coverage. Remember, Wi-Fi spreads omnidirectionally. In other words, the signal is transmitted to the center of the router in the same way as the sound is emitted from the tube. So if you put it in one corner, half of the signal will go out of the house. As a result, you will get less speed.

How to increase wifi router speed

2. Keep eye height:

When the router is placed 5 feet above the ground, the signal matches best. Keep the router at eye level. Do not place the router with any device that may interfere with the signal. For example, the base of a cordless phone, any other router, printer, microwave, etc.

3. Connect fewer devices:

There is no event or party at home. Friends and relatives are all coming. He decided, to connect the home Wi-Fi for everyone’s use. With that, you will do something online work yourself. Remember that if you connect to more than one device, the Wi-Fi speed will be greatly reduced.

Several routers now have the option to block devices. If you see a particular device pulling more bandwidth, block it. Just ask them to use Wi-Fi to surf the internet. If someone wants to download something, tell them to wait or forbid.

How to increase wifi router speed

4. Connect repeater:

The repeater will increase the Wi-Fi speed quite a bit. You will find many repeaters in the market and on online shopping sites. Prices start from around 1 thousand rupees. It is also very easy to configure. If you have an old good router at home, it can also be used as a repeater. But for this, you have to go to the settings page and configure it.

5. Use USB Router:

Before buying a router, make sure it has a USB port. Try to buy a router with a USB port. Because if you have a USB port, you can connect an external hard drive. It works for all connected devices to act as network storage.

You can also connect to a printer. It does not need to be connected to anyone device. Can be printed from any device on the network. As is commonly seen, such routers are quite powerful. The signal is quite good. How to increase wifi router speed


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