How to know dangerous apps

How to know dangerous apps.  5 Tips for detecting and avoiding risky apps on android. We mostly download fake apps in a hurry. As a result, we have to read about various problems. If the app download is not done correctly or if the wrong app is downloaded, we may suffer a serious loss.

How to know dangerous apps

*Always download the app from the official App Store Or Play store
Always download the apps only from the official app store. Maybe many times you will get the opportunity to download the app from other places. But avoid those sources of app download as much as possible. Although harmful apps are often found in official app stores. However, the official app store authorities are trying to remove them as soon as possible. So always rely on the official app stores and this will greatly reduce the possibility of downloading fake apps.

*Read the details of the app
Found a lot of spelling or grammatical errors in an app? In this case, you can take it as a possible indication of a fake app. There is no doubt that no trusted developer would make such a mistake. So having such an error in the basic description of an app means that the app is more likely to be fake.

How to know dangerous apps

*Consider the reviews seriously
Before downloading an app, it is wise to read its reviews. If an app is fake, someone will definitely mention it in certain reviews.

*Check the developer’s background
Try visiting the app developer’s website or find out about it from the app store. Before downloading an app, always try to find out about its developer. In this case, if you find something suspicious, such as – if they do not have a website or social media profile, then it would be wise not to download the app.

*Also, consider the number of downloads
This is a very good indicator to verify whether an app is real or fake. If the number of downloads was too high, it would never be possible for so many people to admit to cheating through it.


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