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How to secure brand image on Facebook

How to secure brand image on Facebook. Facebook has become one of the means of digital marketing platforms. Facebook has made marketing more accessible to advertisers than ever before and they are working tirelessly to make it easier and safer to use Facebook as a platform.

How to secure brand image on Facebook

In the digital world, it is important for advertisers to be aware of brand security. And for this, besides eliminating harmful or inappropriate content, it is necessary to gain the trust of the customers.

In order to address various risks in the field of brand security and create a safe environment for brands, Facebook is constantly working to increase the security of its business managers. There are currently three brand safety controls to prevent ads from being shown with certain content that could cause harm to advertisers and brands.

Blocklist: The best way to ensure the safety of a brand is to ensure that any campaign does not go to a harmful or controversial website or app. Using the Facebook Business Manager block list, it is easy to stop the brand’s ads or promotions from going to controversial sites or apps. To make this process easier, advertisers can create a blocklist using Facebook’s publisher list without blocking any sites themselves.

How to secure brand image on Facebook

Inventory Filters: Inventory filters allow advertisers to control what kind of content their ads will appear with, without blocking URLs. Advertisers can choose Full Inventory, Standard Inventory, or Limited Inventory for Audience Network, Facebook In-Stream, and Facebook Instant Articles. However, for some apps, websites, and Facebook pages that comply with Facebook’s policy, this option has some limitations.

Live Stream Opt-Out: Facebook’s in-stream video placement can be done for some selected gaming partners. However, advertisers can opt-out of gaming partner live streams or block live gaming stream publishers on their Facebook pages in the last 90 days.

# Advertisers can control the security of their brand by following a few simple steps:

1. Business Manager needs to be opened

How to secure brand image on Facebook

2. After selecting it, you have to click on the brand safety option. Then the overview option will open where you can know about the brand safety controls of Facebook.

3. To view your inventory filter settings, click on Inventory Filter on the left.

You need to select an ad account at the top. You need to see if there are inventory filter settings. Here you can change the settings for in-stream video, instant articles and audience network on Facebook.

4. If someone has a blocklist, it can be seen by clicking on the blocklist option on the left.

If you want to add something to the blocklist or remove something from the blocklist, or if you want to download or delete the blocklist, you can find different options in a drop-down menu by clicking on the three dots (…) in that blocklist.

How to secure brand image on Facebook

5. To download a list of places where ads will be shown, click on the publisher list on the left, which includes the Audience Network apps and Facebook pages for various websites and instant articles and in-stream videos.

6. Click the Publisher Delivery Report on the left to see where the ads were shown during and after the campaign.

Facebook is committed to creating a secure platform for the brand and its users, whether it’s promoting various businesses or just connecting with friends and loved ones. In addition to the tasks listed above, Facebook has other leading companies in brand safety management, such as Double Verify and Integral Ad Science, as well as other partner organizations, ForeA’s IAB and JICW’s Digital Trading Standards Group’s Brand Safety Audit and Std. Is also collaborating with the Advertisers’ Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM).

Taking care of the brand image is the key to success. Online brand security should be one of the most important issues in promoting social media.

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