How to Work Thief Guard App 2021

How to Work Thief Guard App 2021

In the current era of smartphones, most people use smartphones. Your smartphone is very important and dear to everyone. Many times that favorite phone is stolen or lost. Which is not possible to find. There is a lot of necessary information on that phone. Which results in a lot of suffering. The new software will help you to solve that problem. With the “Thief Guard App,” you can easily find a stolen or lost phone. This app will notify you if someone steals your phone. If lost, the location of the phone can be found through this app. Everyone can use the app. But you have to pay a certain amount of fee to use it. This will not work for those whose Android phone is below Android version 9.

How to Work Thief Guard App 2021

#Take a look at the steps below on how to activate or set up the app on your smartphone.

1. Download and install the app from Thief Guard’s website

2. Scratch to get Activation Code from Product Manual. The app will be launched as soon as the activation code is given.

3. Now open the Thief Guard app and attach all your information (correct).

4. Sign in with your mobile number and password.

5. Get all the permissions to make the app fully operational.

6. Turn on the options you want to use. For example: Turn on the Intruder Selfie option to get the thief’s picture and address. How do you want to get the information, email or mobile message or both if you want to get the two options e on … etc.

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