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Instagram New Features 2024

Instagram Features

Instagram New Features 2022

Currently active all over the world through social media. Instagram, a social networking platform owned by Facebook, comes up with new updates to give users more benefits. See some Instagram New Features 2022.

Until now, Instagram users could open and visit external links in their stories through a swipe-up feature. But the swipe-up feature is being removed from Instagram’s story. Instead, it is being replaced with a link sticker.


Without the swipe-up link feature, there would be a radical change in the external content that would be given to Instagram. Let’s find out more about Instagram Link Sticker.

Instagram has started showing notice to several users, saying ‘swipe up links will soon be stickers’, which means the feature will soon be replaced with stickers. This change will be implemented on the platform from August 30.

Instagram New Features 2022

Swipe-up links on Instagram have helped visitors navigate from an Instagram story to an external website or page. The platform, known for its photo and video sharing, says the swipe-up feature is being removed to “consolidate the storytelling experience” and “give users more creative control.” This can leave several users frustrated. Because they have been using Swipe Up for a long time. Moreover, this feature has its own category of animated GIFs. This feature is one of the most used features by Instagram influencers.

The feature to swipe links will be gone from next Monday. You need to use a new link sticker to add an external link to your story. The name link sticker implies that there will be a sticker with embedded links, which will direct a user to an external web page on the Internet. Instagram began testing the link stickers in June 2021 on the grounds that the feature would be better suited to the way the platform is used. Another big update that will come with the link sticker is the feature to reply to externally linked stories. Previously, users could not reply to stories created with the swipe-up feature.

Instagram New Features 2022

The Instagram swipe-up feature was available to more than 10,000 followers or those who got the Blue Tick. Similarly, Instagram link stickers will be available to those who had access to the swipe-up feature. Just as users could add an external link to a story using the Instagram swipe-up feature, users will be able to add an external link to the link stickers. Its are Instagram New Features 2022.


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