Instagram Update and Features 2023

Instagram Update and Features 2022

Instagram is moving ahead at a stormy pace, leaving all social media behind. The number of users of this app is increasing by leaps and bounds. And with this popularity in mind, Instagram has come up with several new features to attract more and more users. This time the use of this platform will become more interesting. Let’s take a look at what’s new on Instagram.

1. From now on, any message can be answered while viewing the Instagram feed. It will not be necessary to enter the inbox separately. Before, if you want to see a message, you have to click directly in the inbox. This will show you a banner while you are on the Instagram feed. Clicking on it will open the reply box. As a result, you will no longer need to enter the inbox.


2. From now on, tapping and holding the ‘Send’ button in the feed will open a bubble. You will see your close friends there. In the language of Instagram, it is called a close friend. That content can be easily sent to close friends. That is, sharing a post or meme will now be easier.

Instagram Update and Features 2022

3. The feature of showing who is online at the moment has also been upgraded. For those who have been online until now, the display shows a green dot on the image. But this time, like the list at the very top of the inbox, you can see who is online. In this case, of course, the green dot will appear on the screen.

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4. From now on, you will be able to share songs on Instagram from platforms like Apple Music and Amazon Music. You will get a 30-second preview in the chatbox. Songs can be heard from there.

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5. Now you can secretly send a message to your loved one on Instagram. Just type @silent before the message. Then there will be no notification of that specific message. That is why it is called Silent Message.

Instagram Update and Features 2022

Instagram New Features 2022

6. From now on it is possible to create polls in group chat. Suppose friends from the Insta group plan to go somewhere. Where to go, you can choose the place of choice by-poll in the group. It is a feature that touches the minds of the users.

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