Low Price Bike in Bangladesh

Low Price Bike in Bangladesh. The Atlas Bangladesh Company is selling brand new motorcycles for only Tk 49,000, this is the cheap rate in Bangladesh now. Anyone can buy the 80cc motorcycle of the ZS80 model at this price. There are many of us who are looking for a little cheaper motorcycle. This is definitely good news for them. For the first time in Bangladesh, the Zongshen Group is offering the opportunity to buy this bike at such a low price. You can buy this bike from any showroom in Bangladesh. Apart from this, the company has 6 types of motorcycles.

Low Price Bike in Bangladesh

According to BSEC sources, the 150cc ZS 150-58 model bikes will be available at a maximum of Tk 135,000 and the 150cc Z-One model bikes will be available at the same cost. Apart from this, 125-68 model 125cc motorcycles will be available for one lakh and twenty thousand Tk, 100cc bike of ZS 100-27 model for one lakh and one thousand Tk, and the 110cc ZS 110-72 model bike can be bought for only Tk 69,000.

Below is a description of some more low price Bangladeshi motorcycles:

1. ZS 80:
The price of the 80 cc bike is 49 thousand Tk. It weighs 85 kg. The bike is equipped with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine and has a kick and self-starter.

2. ZS Vita 110:
This bike has a 110cc air-cooled engine with four strokes. The bike, combined with a kick and electric starter, holds four liters of fuel. Price 99 thousand Tk.

3. ZS 100:
The bike has a four-stroke air-cooled engine. Engine displacement 99.77cc. The bike can be started in two ways, kick, and electric. Its fuel tank holds 12 liters of fuel. The price is one lakh 20 thousand Tk.

Low Price Bike in Bangladesh

4. ZS 125:
The engine of this bike is 125 cc. It has a kick and an electric starter. The bike has a 17-liter capacity fuel tank for long distances. Its high speed is 95 kilometers. The price of the bike is one lakh 40 thousand Tk.

5. ZS 150:
This model bike has a four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled 150cc engine. Rich with a kick and electric starters, the bike has a capacity of 13 liters of fuel. The price of the 135 kg bike is one lakh 49 thousand.

6. Z-One 150:
This bike with a four-stroke air-cooled engine is 150 cc. It has disc brakes on the front. Rear drum brakes. The price of this bike with a capacity of 18 liters of fuel is one lakh 49 thousand.

7. Z-OneT 150:

This 150cc bike uses a four-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled engine. The price of this bike with a capacity of 18 liters of fuel is one lakh 59 thousand Tk. Above all is Zongshen Motor.

Low Price Bike in Bangladesh

Zongshen Group is a Chinese company affiliated with Atlas Bangladesh, a BSEC affiliate. Due to which the brand name has been changed to Zongshen-Atlas or ZS. The annual production capacity of the company is 6 thousand. The Zongshen Group has been providing good quality motorcycles at low prices in Bangladesh for a long time. Also, the engines and other parts of these Hondas are good, lasting for a long time.

Atlas is a subsidiary of Bangladesh Engineering and Shipbuilding Corporation and Bangladesh Steel Mills Corporation. The only company in Bangladesh that officially manufactures motorcycles. These are being sold by two Atlas outlets in Dhaka. The outlets are located at Karwan Bazar and Tejgaon. Atlas also has its own service center in Tejgaon. Buyers are offered after-sales service.


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