Optical Atomic Clock

Optical Atomic Clock. The atomic clock will give 1400 crore years account! Wristwatch or wall clock. These fall asleep occasionally while walking. So you have to breathe on the wall clock at regular intervals. But if you swing that pendulum too loudly or too slowly, there is danger again. He could not keep up with the right time and fell behind. And this time Shubhdeep Dey of Burdwan, India found a solution. He is on his way to discovering a new equation that will change all equations.

Optical Atomic Clock

According to a report in the Indian media Anandabazar, Shubhdeep did the work with an ion of a special element. His watch makes no mistake in measuring the time of the universe of 1.4 billion years. This watch is perfect for measuring the time of billions of years. He has chosen the positive ion of Eterbium. Because his nature and character are the same everywhere in the universe. The outermost shell of the Eterbium atom contains two electrons. Somehow, when excited by the external energy, they come out of the shell and turn the Etarbium atom into a positively charged ion.

The Atomic Aven in which Shubhdeep caused all these incidents had a temperature of 525 degrees Kelvin (Kelvin (K), which is called absolute zero temperature, is 273 degrees Celsius below zero). As a result, the ion is very hot then. The power has also increased a lot. And that is where his tumultuous mischief began. He is running towards this. Like a very disobedient child.

Optical Atomic Clock

But the laser beam is very narrow. The very strong disobedient Eterbium ion is then moving so fast that it cannot be caught by any narrow laser beam. So Shubhdeep had to walk the path of ‘ion trapping’. So that the naughty child who is running around can be brought to a place in silence. That laser beam is falling all over the place. It has been created by creating a special kind of electric field.

In the ‘rule’ of Shubhdeep, even after that Etarbium ion came and sat within the boundary of the laser beam amounting to only 30 microns, its body temperature did not decrease. No less energy. Even though the naughty child is forced to sit in silence, there is intense insanity of running inside him. So this time Shubhdeep had to reduce the body temperature of the seemingly subdued Eterbium ion in a fancy way. In laser cooling method. The temperature of the Eterbium ion at normal room temperature has been reduced by one lakh by laser cooling.

Optical Atomic Clock

Which is many times more than the bone-chilling cold of space. The Etarbium ion has become absolutely clumsy. Lost the power of his movement. In very cold we lose the power of such movement. Cooling the strong Etarbium ion reduces its energy so that its frequency can be measured accurately. That is the pendulum to run Shubhdeep’s atomic clock!

Without the atomic clock that Shubhdeep is building, it will not be possible to build a fully secure internet and telecommunication system in the future by protecting it from hackers. Just as important secret information of defense and space missions will remain unprotected, communication through satellite will not be perfect, will various types of financial transactions through telecommunication system, e-governance will not be safe.

In scientific terms, the name of this watch is ‘Optical Atomic Clock’. In the future, it would not be possible to build a fully-fledged quantum telecommunications system to protect it from hackers. This is because the success of the keynote of security depends on accurate time stamping.

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