Realme Watch S Price Specifications

Realme Watch S Price Specifications

The watch is a very popular companion for every young person. The importance of these watches is increasing day by day as the current smartwatch easily connects with our phones and helps in various tasks. With these things in mind, Realme Watch S- has brought the best choice of the country’s youth to the Realme market. The auto-brightness of this smartwatch has already responded to the market with many more great features including a touchscreen, real-time heart and oxygen monitor, huge battery life, smart notification facility system. Realme Watch S Price Specifications below, take a look.


The Realme Watch S– has a 3.3 centimeter (1.3-inch) smart display that automatically adjusts to the ambient lighting conditions, giving a comfortable viewing experience by increasing or decreasing the display’s brightness. The display is very bright and can reach up to 600 nits, so all the features of the watch are visible even in strong sunlight.


With a 390 mAh battery, lighting fast sensor, and processor, the Realme Watch S- can last up to 15 days on a single full charge. This watch is fully charged in just 2 hours with a magnetic charging case. Moreover, due to the IP6 rating, the smartwatch is water-resistant up to 1.5 meters. The Realme Watch S- helps monitor 16 types of sports, including outdoor and indoor running, walking, cycling, football, table tennis, badminton, yoga, and cricket.

Realme Watch S Price Specifications

This smartwatch uses Goodix’s optical PPG heart rate sensor, which accurately monitors the nonstop heart rate 24 hours a day. Moreover, if there is any irregularity in the heart rate, it also tells automatically. Moreover Realme Watch S- can monitor the measurement of oxygen in the blood with real-time accuracy.


Users of Realme Watch S- will be able to see notifications of almost all apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram. It can be seamlessly connected to a smartphone and display calls and SMS can be viewed. Due to its large screen, it is quite easy to read any message or notification. The smartwatch has the opportunity to change songs and click photos remotely. Realme Watch S- also has over 100 watch faces that will help the user to stay trendy all the time.

Realme Watch S Price Specifications

The RealMe Watch S- will give smart youngsters a premium feel because it uses exclusive 6063 aluminum alloy, which makes it both durable and lightweight. The strap is made with high-end liquid silicone which is light and skin-friendly. Not only that, there are four different color straps – black, blue, orange, and green to suit everyone’s clothing or their own preferences.


This readily available and eye-catching smartwatch will be a constant companion of every technology lover. Realme Watch S– will make the lives of young people more dynamic as it is a versatile functionality and a great fashion accessory. Realme Watch S Price Specifications.

The price in Bangladesh Realme watch S- is almost 100$. 

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