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What is Thief Guard App Security

What is Thief Guard App Security? What is Thief Guard?
This app will protect your precious mobile phone. Even if the mobile phone is stolen, you can easily see the picture and know location of the thief. The more interesting thing is that the thief cannot turn off the mobile phone, cannot flush it, and even after the theft, you can control the mobile phone yourself. This will make it easier to get your mobile phone back. Thief Guard will always act as your third eye. So you can use the Thief Guard App on your smartphones today.

What is Thief Guard App Security

Features of the app:
1. Intruder selfie
After the thief steals the mobile, if you try to unlock the mobile with a PIN or pattern or fingerprint, if you enter the wrong pattern or password, the picture and location of the thief will be sent to your email directly. You will also inform the location of the thief via SMS to your alternative number. However, to know the exact location of the thief, you must have a GPS / location system turned on on your mobile. SMS charge applicable *

2. Stop shut-down
No one else can turn off your mobile without your permission. This helps protect your mobile from theft and save your mobile data.

3. Stop PC connection
If someone connects your phone to the PC (computer) via USB cable, the mobile will be locked automatically. The alarm will keep ringing on the mobile till the correct pattern / PIN /Password is entered. This helps protect your device from theft and save your mobile data.

What is Thief Guard App Security

4. Pocket Theft
When the phone is out of your pocket or out, a notification will be sent to your alternate number. It will also alert you directly by sounding the alarm.

5. Silent camera
Send your saved password via SMS to your phone from any device. Once the device receives the SMS, it will automatically take a picture of the mobile thief using the front / rear camera and send the SMS to the mobile number as well as to your email id. You can collect the image through the web admin section. SMS charge applicable *

6. Ring setup
This feature will ring even if your phone is in silent or vibrated mode.

7. GPS setup
The GPS feature will let you know the location of your phone using mobile texting.

What is Thief Guard App Security

8. Movement Alert
It will notify you whenever your phone is removed. It will only alert you if someone tries to remove your phone while it is still somewhere. The app will sound an alarm to alert you.
9. Unplug charger alert
If someone disconnects your phone charger while charging, the app will alert you with an alarm. This means that if unplugged or the charge is interrupted, it will alert you by playing a notification/ring.

10. Passive Location & Track Your Phone
By setting this option, if your phone is ever lost or you can’t remember exactly where you put it, you can easily identify the phone. The application will inform the current location of the lost mobile via SMS to your registered mobile number every 30 minutes. You can also find out the location of the mobile through the web admin section. SMS charge applicable *

What is Thief Guard App Security

11. SIM card security
For SIM protection authentication. Set password and alternative mobile number. Once the user removes the SIM application, the app will automatically lock the phone and start sounding the alarm. Will give a message to the registered mobile number. The app will also track the new SIM and send the complete information of the new SIM to your email ID. However, to get this facility, the customer must have a GPS system/location on the mobile. SMS charge applicable *

12. Lock device
Send your saved password via SMS to your phone from any device. After the device receives the SMS, it automatically locks the screen of your device. You can also lock the screen through the web admin section. If you have not set a password / PIN /Pattern on your device, you will need to use the following password to unlock the device.


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