Why Bip App Popular in Bangladesh

Why Bip App Popular in Bangladesh. People who think about information technology or are constantly updated about the app know about the hiccups of downloading the ‘Bip’ app in Bangladesh. The younger generation is now talking about ‘Bip’. The Turkish app ‘Bip’ has become very popular in many countries due to the concern among the users of the popular communication medium WhatsApp about the privacy of various information.

Why Bip App Popular in Bangladesh

In the field of information technology, the Turkish messaging app Bip has set a precedent. Bip has suddenly become quite popular due to concerns among WhatsApp users about the privacy of various information. However, the popularity of this app has surpassed everyone in Bangladesh.

Reasons why Bip is so popular:
Experts believe that the tendency to use Bip may have increased among the people of Bangladesh for two reasons.

First, people are more aware of privacy than ever before. Privacy is also important in Bangladesh. This is why most people seem to have downloaded the Bip

Why Bip App Popular in Bangladesh

Second, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s decision to leave WhatsApp could have an impact. It’s the reason popularity may increase.

According to the app authorities, there is also a system for a secret chat. If a user wants to delete a message automatically after a certain time, the time can be set accordingly.

According to the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah, Bip has been downloaded 2 million times a day since WhatsApp announced a change in the privacy policy.


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