Without Charger Mobile Will Charged

Without Charger Mobile Will Charged 2021

1. Mi Air Charge Technology
Xiaomi is coming up with a ‘remote charging technology’ that can charge multiple devices without wiring. It will also be possible to charge while using the phone with the company’s ‘Me Air Charge’. Even when using the Mi Air charge, the phone user will be charged even if he walks around the house.

Without Charger Mobile Will Charged 2021

In a blog post, Xiaomi said the QI standard has nothing to do with the charge. The smartphone will have a ‘small antenna array with built-in beacon antenna’ and a ‘receiving antenna array’. The 14 antennas of the smartphone will replace the millimeter-wave signal coming from the charging transmitter. The wave will be converted into electrical energy through a ‘rectifier circuit’. In all, it can serve up to five watts of wireless charge.

Currently, Xiaomi’s technology can charge multiple devices up to a few meters. Xiaomi mentioned that ‘Me Air Charge’ will work with smartwatches, fitness bands, and other wearable technologies. However, it is not yet known when the technology will hit the market.

Without Charger Mobile Will Charged 2021

2. Mobile will be charged for the abrasion of clothes!
Mobile phone batteries often cause embarrassment. Especially when the battery charge of the smartphone runs out quickly, it often becomes ineffective. This time the technology of charging the phone by rubbing the cloth is coming to end this embarrassment. The battery can be said goodbye. This is made possible by the new technology of piezoelectric, the technology of power generation with the help of pressure and friction.

With this, the mobile phone will be charged in the pocket, said Kamal Asadi, a physicist at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom. He said the process is complex but promising.

Need stretch and light nylon, which is commonly used in guitars and fishing rods. The thread and jeans prepared from this will produce a charge through the friction of the fabric and a circuit will have to be connected to hold it. News Science News for Students.

Without Charger Mobile Will Charged 2021

Piezoelectric material will be required to make a charging pocket. It should be soft and stretch and nylon. However, not all types of nylon are applicable.
Researcher Asadi has used this technique of charging the phone with the help of cloth for the first time.

To prepare the device, first, a few nylon pellets will be given in a kind of strong acid. Later another technique called electrospinning will be used. This will make a very thin thread from those pellets. The process will use another chemical called acetone, which will take the acid out of the nylon thread when it dries.


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